Choosing a Reliable Electronics Assembly and Manufacturing Partner

27 October 2022
Choosing a Reliable Electronics Assembly and Manufacturing Partner

Electronics assembly is challenging because of the need for precision and the potential for damaging delicate components. A slight mistake can ruin the part or even the printed circuit board (PCB). In addition, many electronic components are very tiny, making them difficult to work with and easy to lose. This makes electronics assembly an intricate and painstaking process requiring skills and experience to achieve precision. While companies may be tempted to perform electronics assembly in-house, internal employees' lack of deep knowledge of end-to-end processes often leads to problems that are more complex and expensive to fix. Thus, companies typically incur greater costs and spend more time addressing these issues. For these reasons, it is usually best to leave electronics assembly to professional manufacturers who are not only technically skilled and experienced but can also bring unexpected benefits to a company.


Benefits of Engaging an Electronics Assembly and Manufacturing Firm

Here is a look at why working with an electronics assembly and manufacturing partner is advantageous:


1. Cost Savings

Electronics assembly and manufacturing firms would have their own machines and tools for assembling electronics. Your company can avoid machine acquisition, storage space, and maintenance costs by working with them. In addition, these manufacturers would have established strong relationships with suppliers, enabling them to acquire the components required at a more affordable price. Thus, assembling your products through them helps you achieve cost savings on material acquisition. This is supported by RSM’s figures showing that 62% of companies achieved 10% to 25% cost savings by outsourcing their services. Lastly, with your assembly work powered by an experienced team from your electronics assembly and manufacturing services provider, you can minimise wastage arising from faulty devices produced and inefficient processes. This, too, is a way to save money spent on handling waste and acquiring more materials for production.


2. Improved Product Design

A dependable electronics assembly and manufacturing partner can also be trusted to use their experience to guide you. This includes helping to improve the design schematics of your PCB, which is the key component connecting all parts in your electronic devices to enable them to function collectively. Equipped with rich industry experience in designing and producing PCBs for diverse industries, these manufacturers can harness their wealth of knowledge to provide insightful advice on areas for improvement. This enables you to optimise your product with fewer components, less labour and thus, a lower cost. With a better product design, you can stay ahead of competitors in your field.


3. Gain a Competitive Edge

With their business based on providing electronics assembly services, electronics assembly and manufacturing services providers would typically keep their technologies up to date. By engaging their services, you can benefit from the latest cutting-edge machines without investing any money. PCBs and products assembled using sophisticated equipment can ensure the utmost precision during assembly, providing quality assurance for the final assembled circuit board. When the electronics sold by your company are supported by these top-notch PCBs, their quality increases in tandem. This value adds to your company by helping you to stay ahead of competitors with better products. As a bonus, the advanced tools can speed up the assembly process, shortening your product's time to market. This affords greater agility to capitalise on market opportunities.


How to Choose an Electronics Assembly and Manufacturing Partner

Once you've decided to engage the services of an electronics assembly and manufacturing company, the next step is to find a dependable partner who can ensure consistency in the quality of your product and meet your stipulated deadlines to give you peace of mind. To help you determine the suitability of an electronics assembly and manufacturing firm, here are defining qualities of a reliable service provider and how these qualities benefit your business:


1. Experience

An experienced electronics assembly and manufacturing company would be familiar with the numerous rigorous standards to meet in the electronics field and can assemble products in compliance with these requirements. Moreover, these manufacturers would have a proven track record of delivering timely, quality products and services that provide extra assurance of what you can expect. By working with these experienced professionals, you can also benefit from their ability to implement your vision and their familiarity with diverse project requirements. Additionally, with familiarity comes speed. This enables your PCBs and products to be put together quickly and efficiently, giving you an essential advantage in today’s competitive market. Lastly, experienced service providers can draw on the learnings from past projects to resolve any issues promptly, ensuring minimal costly delays and smoother operations.


2. Job Expertise and Quality Management Certification

When electronics assembly and manufacturing service providers have multiple certifications for diverse industries, such as ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, and EN ISO 13485:2012/aC2012, it indicates their ability to meet the varied requirements of customers. It also demonstrates the manufacturer's commitment to maintaining quality and excellence. In addition, certified manufacturers are subject to regular audits by an independent body, ensuring that they always uphold the high standard. By working with an accredited service provider, you can be confident that your PCBs and products will always meet your specifications and be delivered on time.

With the increasing complexity of machines and processes, industry certification indicates a manufacturer's team's understanding of the equipment and systems they are working with. It also proves their ability to manage workflows with minimal hiccups. Additionally, certifications indicate that the manufacturer's employees are kept abreast of the current best practices and new techniques. This ensures they can work efficiently and produce high-quality products compliant with industry standards.


3. Cutting Edge Technologies

Electronic assembly and manufacturing companies that use state-of-the-art equipment and keep up to date on the latest tools can ensure consistent output quality. Moreover, newer machines are more likely to be efficient and better designed to minimise materials wastage. Thus, this helps your business achieve greater time and cost savings. The sustainability of your operations can also be improved, which is increasingly important to companies given the greater consumer, investor and government scrutiny on whether companies are meeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.


4. Well-Connected Global Supply Chain

A well-connected electronics assembly and manufacturing services provider is less reliant on any specific supplier for components. This increases its resilience to supply shortages and mitigates risks of delays in output delivery arising from such shortages. Diversifying suppliers also enables manufacturers to quickly obtain all required resources, affording them flexibility in keeping pace with your changing business needs. Consequently, your business will also become more agile and better positioned to meet market demands. Lastly, when components can be sourced globally, it is an additional assurance of quality and cost savings since these manufacturers will be more likely to have access to the latest technology at the best possible price.


Stay Agile with a Reliable Electronics Assembly Manufacturer

If you are looking for a trusted electronics assembly and manufacturing company for your next project, look no further than PCI. As an experienced, leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider in Singapore, PCI understands the challenges in all stages of the assembly process and how different products require different approaches. That is why we have formed a team of professionals with years of industry experience, and we are constantly diversifying our capabilities to meet customers’ needs better. PCI also recognises that clients rely on us to deliver efficient, cost-effective solutions. Taking this responsibility seriously, we adopt advanced technologies and run our facilities on smart processes to reduce turnaround time and cost. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates our commitment to delivering top-quality output adhering to the highest standards of safety. To cater to the different needs of various industries, PCI also offers a broad range of competitively priced services, such as supply chain management and end-to-end product design and manufacturing solutions. We are confident that our combination of experience, expertise, technology, and broad offerings can bring synergy to your business. Contact us today to learn more about how to tailor our services to the unique requirements of your project.



Even the best design can be rendered useless if the components are not assembled properly. That is why working with a reputable and trusted electronics assembly manufacturer is critical for businesses. With a reliable manufacturer, you can be assured that operations run steadily, and that PCBs or products delivered are of a verified standard. A reliable manufacturer will also be committed to continual improvement, ensuring your present and future needs can be met by their capabilities. By partnering with PCI, clients can be assured that they can leverage the expert advice of industry specialists and state-of-the-art technology to gain a long-term competitive edge.