Choosing the Right Technology Partner for Your IoT Solutions

8 April 2022
Choosing the Right Technology Partner for Your IoT Solutions

What is Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a network of devices that can collect and share data. This technology allows users to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions. It could be as simple as your alarm clock sending weather data to your phone or as complex as a car that can autonomously communicate with other vehicles on the road.

IoT is one of the rising stars of the tech revolution – the potential is limitless for businesses and individuals. In companies, IoT devices are used to revolutionize warehousing with technologies such as smart shelves that track product movement within warehouses. For the consumer, devices such as smartwatches, smart TVs, and even self-driving cars are integrated into our lives today.

How to Choose the Right EMS Technology Partner for Your IoT Project

IoT product development is a complex and challenging process. From prototyping to production, it requires a great deal of precision and expertise – and not to mention years – to create a device that can communicate with other devices as well as transmit data back and forth. When designing an IoT device, developers must navigate hardware and software to create a device impervious to cyberattacks and physically protect data.

An effective way to keep track of these critical areas is working with an EMS technology partner who understands your business’ needs and has experience in IoT solutions development and manufacturing. This will minimize errors and ensure your product goes from the design table to the warehouse as soon as possible.

1. Target the right EMS partner profile with IoT expertise.

A partner with IoT expertise can be invaluable in helping organizations navigate the complex and ever-changing world of IoT. By working together, an organization and its EMS partner can optimize their use of IoT technologies to achieve maximum business value.

The ideal partner profile for your project depends on the specific project needs – but it isn't only about technical skills. The options for IoT technology partners in the market are vast, including start-ups, Low-Mix High Volume (LMHV), and High-Mix Low Volume (HMLV) providers. Choosing the right partner is essential for a company looking to implement or expand its IoT strategy. Partnerships with LMHV providers can give Internet of Things companies access to a large customer base, while working with HMLV providers can provide companies with leading-edge technology. Meanwhile, partners can offer companies innovative solutions and agile execution, but come with risks. No single partner is perfect for every company. Each company must decide which option is best for them based on its specific needs and goals.

The study shouldn't solely rely on what the company tells you about itself. Instead, look at what their clients say and their track record with past productions. Ask if they have experience working with IoT companies and how did they perform? These can act as helpful indicators of whether their domain expertise and quality standards align with your project goals. A project can still function when these aren’t aligned. However, your business will miss out on the opportunities for innovation that only an EMS with expertise in Internet of Things production will provide. Give your enterprise the best chance of succeeding by choosing an EMS technology provider with experience and expertise in your domain.

2. Choose an EMS partner who is as passionate as you are.

Other than selecting an EMS partner with the appropriate IoT expertise, there is one overarching signifier for choosing the right partner for your project: their passion and fit.

When choosing an EMS provider, you want to be assured that they understand your idea and are as excited as you are about working on your project and seeing its long-term potential. This enthusiasm will mean that both of you are dedicated to developing a high quality, marketable product that pushes the boundaries of innovation and even kick-starts a new generation of technologies.

Once you’ve established your mutual passion for your design ideas, it’s important to consider whether you and your EMS provider fit together on a functional level. Do you get along with their management? Can you trust them to find a suitable solution to your needs? Can you see yourself working with them in the long term? Answering these questions can help you ascertain whether this partnership will sustain your current project and future endeavours as well.

Mutual passion and a shared business ethos are key compatibility markers between an EMS provider and your business. Don’t discount the importance of your gut feeling when deciding on a provider, either. Your holistic understanding of each organization can help you make an informed choice when sourcing for your EMS technology partner.

3. Your EMS partner should provide end-to-end solutions.

When choosing an EMS partner, it's important they provide end-to-end solutions from IoT product design to manufacturing so you can launch them on the global market with optimum speed, quality, and flexibility. This allows you to streamline your design, production, and marketing, minimizing the need to navigate multiple contractors. An effective end-to-end strategy will benefit your business: speed, scalability, and personalized service throughout your manufacturing experience are only the beginning. By streamlining your manufacturing to one EMS provider, your business can limit costs associated with shipping and production delays and focus on minimizing waste in production.

As a one-stop source of end-to-end services, we can design, manufacture, and deliver electronic products to customers worldwide. PCI Private Limited's comprehensive services include product design, manufacturing, supply chain management, and testing in certification.

Choose your Technology Partner Wisely

Choosing the right EMS provider is an important decision. Give your product the best chance of succeeding by selecting a provider that is passionate about your project, fits your business ethos, has expertise in IoT design solutions, and can provide end-to-end manufacturing solutions.

As a leading EMS provider, PCI Private Limited can offer partners a transparent production process and extensive experience across many areas of IoT technology. When developing and manufacturing your IoT device, PCI Private Limited’s cutting-edge operations and manufacturing excellence means you can limit the number of errors and get innovative solutions for your IoT aspirations. If you are looking for an EMS technology partner to help develop your IoT product, consider getting in touch with the PCI team today to discuss how we can make your aspirations a reality.