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Chief Executive Officer

EL Teo

EL joined PCI in 1995 as procurement manager and has since held various key positions in PCI of increasing responsibilities in Marketing, Supply Chain Management, New Product Introduction and Manufacturing Operations.

EL was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2003 and appointed as Chief Executive Officer in 2010.

During his early years in PCI, EL spent extensive amount of time working in PCI Europe and PCI China operations, expanding PCI’s reach to its key European and China customers base. He went on to direct the growth of the North American market which the company achieved broader business segment growth in the US. With his extraordinary vision and commitment over the last 25 years, EL has been instrumental in transforming the organization, from rebuilding its engineering capabilities, expanding its manufacturing footprints in Asia to driving a sustainable growth strategy for PCI. Under EL’s leadership, PCI has grown from strength to strength to become one of the leading and successful best-in-class EMS company with strong and robust financial standing.

Prior to joining PCI, EL spent his fledgling career with Unisys, a US-based IT and consulting company where he was responsible for growing its business in the banking and financial segment. EL holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.