The Benefits of Real-Time Kinematics

26 April 2023
The Benefits of Real-Time Kinematics

In the realm of satellite-based positioning systems, Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) stands out as a game changer, delivering unmatched accuracy and efficiency in various applications. Building upon our previous whitepaper, which provided a thorough overview of RTK technology, this article will focus exclusively on the numerous advantages of RTK. From surveying and construction to agriculture and telecommunications, the benefits of this powerful positioning system are reshaping industries and enhancing productivity. Read on as we delve into the details of RTK's benefits and explore how this technology is transforming the way we approach location-based tasks and challenges.


Exploring the Many Benefits of RTK Technology

RTK technology brings a multitude of benefits to the table, making it the preferred choice for surveyors and various professionals who demand greater precision. Some of the key advantages include:


1. Increased Accuracy

Compared to traditional global positioning systems (GPS), RTK has an accuracy of up to one centimetre. This level of precision far surpasses that of standard GPS devices, making this technology perfect for measuring delicate features or small structures where every centimetre counts. Such minute details are important as even the smallest variations can have a major impact, especially in surveying and construction tasks.


2. Reduced Survey Time

The implementation of RTK technology greatly reduces the time spent on surveying tasks when compared to traditional methods. Since RTK uses a local base station instead of waiting for a certain number of satellite signals, it provides near-instantaneous coordinates. This time-saving benefit allows surveyors to collect more accurate data in less time, ultimately leading to cost savings for various projects.


3. Increased Safety

RTK technology can significantly improve safety for surveying personnel who frequently need to enter dangerous or hazardous areas, such as construction sites or underground tunnels. By incorporating RTK technology with drones, surveyors can obtain the necessary data from a safe distance, creating digital maps without putting themselves in harm's way.


4. Easy Data Exchange

The internet connection between the base station and rover in RTK systems enables operators to easily access and share data remotely from any location. This enhanced digital data exchange simplifies collaboration on projects and allows users to quickly access the necessary information for their tasks, boosting efficiency and productivity.


5. Cost Savings

RTK technology when compared to conventional surveying techniques is more cost-efficient, as it removes the need for costly and intricate instruments like total stations or geodetic receivers. Moreover, the data produced by RTK drones tends to be more accurate. Additionally, due to their compact design and minimal power usage, RTK systems offer portability and demand less maintenance, ultimately lowering the overall expenses associated with surveying projects.


RTK System Applications

Having described the benefits offered by RTK, here are some industries and applications that use RTK systems for high-precision measurements:


1. Land Resource Planning

RTK is essential in land management surveys for resource management, urban planning, and landscape construction. Its precision allows for efficient data collection, spatial data editing, and length and area measurements, offering improved speed, processing time, and security compared to traditional methods.


2. Surveying and Topographic Mapping

RTK provides survey-grade accuracy for mapping and surveying land parcels. RTK drones offer both vertical and horizontal surveys, enabling a comprehensive understanding of topography. RTK technology also supports vegetation data collection for detailed topographic map creation and land type analysis.


3. Infrastructure Construction Activities

RTK is employed in medium to large-scale construction projects due to its ease of use and accurate topographic map generation. Engineers utilise RTK survey methods for road construction, determining target grades, slopes, and drainage features to ensure precise pipe laying and road alignment.


4. Telecommunication Inspections

RTK drones are increasingly used for telecommunication inspections, pinpointing faults in mobile towers without signal interference or risking workers' safety. Stable hovering features enable drones to capture images for ground staff to assess problem severity remotely.


5. High-rise Building Construction

RTK is vital for engineers during the early stages of high-rise construction projects, helping analyse terrain and building structures. RTK drones help locate building piles and corners, monitor groundwater level changes, and collect settlement deformation data, enabling quality control and hazard prevention.


6. Agriculture Inspections

Farmers and agricultural businesses use RTK for plantation mapping and determining drainage and irrigation system placement. The data generated helps in levelling land, improving crop management, and reducing crop loss, ultimately increasing profits.


Elevate Your RTK Projects with PCI

RTK technology has revolutionised the field of surveying by offering unparalleled precision, shorter survey durations, and cost efficiencies. When used in conjunction with drones, RTK allows operators to gather accurate data from any site safely and cost-effectively. Additionally, the effortless sharing of data among users promotes teamwork and simplifies intricate procedures like generating topographic maps and measuring diverse features.

For surveyors and engineers, RTK is an invaluable asset, and PCI is your dependable source for printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronics manufacturing services vital for RTK systems. Our PCBs guarantee robust connections between drone elements and sensors, preserving accuracy and stability. We are dedicated to providing superior products and services, ensuring that you can have confidence in the precision and reliability of your data. Take advantage of RTK technology to augment efficiency in your surveying projects and boost profitability with PCI's expertise. Reach out to us today to find out how we can fulfil your project's needs.



RTK is being adopted by multiple industries because of its ability to produce high-precision positioning and surveying results in centimetre accuracy. For anyone working in industries that require high precision measurements, seeking assistance from a trusted partner like PCI with expert knowledge in printed circuit boards as well as RTK technology and implementation can present tremendous insights and cost-effective solutions. PCI is a leading specialist in the electronics manufacturing services sector, delivering high-tech solutions that create competitive advantages for leading technology companies worldwide. By partnering with PCI, businesses can harness the power of RTK technology, optimise efficiency, and drive innovation in their respective fields.